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In Miss Rodgers’ Neighborhood, we want to embrace people with COMPASSION, giving HOPE and HEALING for a CHANGED LIFE, helping them find their way HOME. By Embrace, we mean to welcome and encircle with open arms. By Compassion, we mean to love and touch others, as we have been touched. By Hope, we mean providing encouragement and resources for a New Start. By Healing, we mean being restored in mind, body and spirit through a personal relationship with God. By Changed Life, we mean going in a new direction; realizing our God-Given Purpose. By Home, we mean having an opportunity to earn a living, and be a healthy Individual/Family again. We're very passionate about helping others, and wholeheartedly believe WE are the answer to our nation's most dreadful woes. While most of Our Work is done primarily in Los Angeles and Orange County Communities, we do not put limits on Our Love, and look to fill Voids wherever we can fit. Make no mistake, we are here for The People. Albeit via Community Activism, Partnerships, Social Justice and/or Reform, we're here to be a vessel for the effective Change we all wish to see. 

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