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Community As FAMILY.


Hello and Welcome to Miss Rodgers' Neighborhood!

Blessings! We hope this message finds you all in great spirits.

Miss Rodgers’ Neighborhood is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization founded by a woman with a vision for Our Communities sharing and caring for each other as conscious acts of Love and Solidarity; Miss Tatiana Rodgers. With the love and support of amazing Friends (and friends of friends) such as Yourself, we’ve directly imprinted the lives of thousands in need since, encouraging each other to “Fill Your Mind with Truth, Your Heart with Love, and Your Life with Service.”-Thomas S. Monson


But if you ask Miss Rodgers, we're just an active group of Good People, working together as Family...

As an independent Non-Profit Organization, we look forward to carrying on what we’ve started. Our Hope is that our vigorously combined efforts will allow us to do exactly that. 

What initially started out as a very small Call To Action assisting Our Brothers and Sisters in need on the streets, has now become an actively spirited mission, helping thousands in need. We've heeded The Call...Please, Join Us.

If you have a desire to create change and make an immediate impact, The Neighborhood has plenty of options to ensure your Contribution goes toward a worthy Cause

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